Weekend A La Carte (February 18)

Weekend A La Carte (February 18)

My gratitude goes to Radius for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you about the  upcoming Radius Conference. I’m grateful to each of the sponsors who helps support the blog…

I scrounged up a few new Kindle deals for today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation)

Why we need a Joshua Harris rule

I generally agree with this, but am not certain that even 40 is old enough!

3 Reasons Not to Mention Greek and Hebrew Words in a Sermon

I also generally agree with this. “I’m here to urge you to remember not to say ‘the-Greek-word-here-is’ in your next sermon. And the next one.”

Is the Church Failing at Being the Church?

Kevin DeYoung: “Evangelicals have a long history of self-flagellation. On one level, this is commendable. As Christians we should, of all people, be aware of our sins, repent of our sins, and ask God to help us overcome our sins. And yet, we must be careful lest the virtue of personal humility leads the church at large to believe things that aren’t true, develop responses that aren’t necessary, and set out on paths that aren’t wise.”


“This is for the one who is feeling wobbly today. Perhaps you have been flattened: cast aside by another, gossiped about, slandered while doing good. Maybe your heart is tired and sore, and life feels like an uphill slog, all cold, dreary rain minus golden sunbeams. Perchance you are the one who has caused much pain, and your cruelty or selfishness seem irreparable.”

A God Above Means Purpose Below

This is worth considering. “We have meaning below because there is a God above. If there were no god above, we would have no meaning below. Trust me, this isn’t just some ‘Sunday School’ idea.”

Should We Try To Control Who Is In Our Lives?

Should we cut people out of our lives who annoy us or are difficult?

Flashback: There Is Only Ever Today

Life is often like a daylily in that each new day opens fresh opportunities to do good to the people around us—opportunities that often wither and fade before the darkness of evening.

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