Woeful Woke Wonders Weakening the West

Woeful Woke Wonders Weakening the West

In the 2005 interview, Zimmer said, “It was just somebody really celebrating. But it wasn’t a romantic event. It was just an event of ‘thank God the war is over’ kind of thing. It wasn’t that much of a kiss, it was more of a jubilant act that he didn’t have to go back, she said. And the reason he grabbed someone dressed like a nurse was that he just felt very grateful to nurses who took care of the wounded.” Three months earlier, Mendonsa had been at the helm of the USS The Sullivans during the Battle of Okinawa and dragged survivors and the dead from the water. Nurses helped save many lives.

The end of Western civilisation as we know it could come down to this: either the masses will get so utterly sick and tired of all the crapola being forced down their throats by the loony left, or the Woke brigade will triumph and we will all be toast. Things really are moving in that direction.

And the way things are now going, pretty soon even celebrating things like the end of WWII and the defeat of Hitler and the Nazis will be declared to be illegal. Consider a quite recent episode of this woke insanity which has caused a massive uproar on the social media – and rightly so.

One of the most iconic photos of all of WWII was about to be banned by the Veterans Affairs Department in the hyper-left Biden administration. But in this case people power meant the government had to do a very quick backdown. But it was not the first time these clowns tried pulling off stuff like this, nor will it be the last.

The picture itself is one of exuberant celebration. On August 14, 1945, the Japanese officially surrendered, bringing this wretched global conflict to a close. One young sailor, George Mendonsa, gave an impromptu celebratory act by giving a young Jewish dental assistant who was passing by a quick hug and a kiss. The rest is history.

However, in our current climate of political correctness, this is now seen as a great evil – one that must forever be purged from the history books. But when ordinary Americans got wind of what was about to happen, they instantly rose to their feet and spoke out. As one media account puts it:

The Veterans Affairs secretary has reversed a department memo that aimed to ban VA displays of the iconic “V-J Day in Times Square” photograph of a Navy sailor kissing a strange woman on the streets of New York at the end of World War II. Secretary Denis McDonough acted hours after a copy of a memo from a VA assistant undersecretary requesting the photo’s removal from all VA health facilities was shared on social media. The memo had said the photo “depicts a non-consensual act” and is inconsistent with the department’s sexual harassment policy

Claims of her being basically sexually assaulted have been around for some time. The Me-Too movement has played this up, among others. The woman in the photo, whose married name was Greta Zimmer Friedman, did say that the kiss took her by surprise, but she did not regard it as an attack on her person.

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