Trip Lee

The Books That Most Shaped @TripLee

As a writer and musician, Trip Lee reads regularly to spark his creativity. So what three books have influenced his life most?

Procrastination Is Pride

We may assume that we can always just do something later, but God never guarantees a “later.” We must make the most of the time we have now.

How to Be Insecure for the Rest of Your Life

We will never find security if we think we have what it takes to make it through life. Only God himself can provide the fullness of hope we desperately long for.

Don’t Be a Jerk When the World Doesn’t Like You

God calls Christians to stand firm in the truth, but that doesn’t excuse us for being jerks when our culture turns against us.

Avoiding Smartphone iDolatry

Our phones offer us plenty of convenience, but it comes at the price of distraction. Sometimes we need to step back and make sure we control our phones and that they haven’t mastered us.

Watching On-Screen Nudity Is Not Worth It

Explicit sexuality and nudity are pervasive in our culture. And because it’s everywhere, Christians need to guard their souls more than ever.

Joy, Faith, and Self-Denial

We may sometimes be tempted to think that God is just a cosmic killjoy with lots of rules. But in reality, he is working for our highest joy, even when he asks us to deny ourselves.

Why Fame Cannot Make You Happy

We can use social media as a tool for good, but all too often, the likes and retweets can consume us. How do we get sucked in so easily?

The Daily Fight for Joy in Christ

Joy in the Christian life doesn’t usually come without a struggle. We have to fight to delight in the Lord on a daily basis.

When Trials Kill Your Dreams

True strength doesn’t come from having the energy to do everything we want to accomplish. According to the Bible, when we are weak, then we are strong.

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